For satisfying the need for flexibility and efficiency on production lines
Manufacturing of different types of configuraton through module components
Extending of the system in successive steps according to the requirements of the customer
pallet adjust station to change pallet with for various armature
ACELON machine control
    Pallet size
160 160mm
    Converor Hight(from floor)
240 166mm
240 240mm
    Armature dimensions
    Stack diameter 20 ~ 30(85)mm     Shaft length  70 ~ 270mm 
    Stack length 20 ~ 85mm     Shaft diameter     5 ~ 20mm 
    Machine data
    Logic control system ACELON     Belt speed    12 ~ 28 m/min
    Power supply 3,220V, 50/60Hz     Air consumption 45 /min
    Power rating 2Kw     Cycle time Line cycle time
    Operating pressure 5 bar     Noise     73dB at 1m
    System pressure 6 bar     Dimensions(appro.)      3160W 1435L 1915H