For automatic placing 1 - 2 insulators on armature core side
Automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode operation possible, Easy to change modes
Supplying inslulator through bowl feeder,
Displaying all the informations of working process
Suitable for production lines using chain or pallet conveyor
Electrical Interlock for protecting mis-operation
Displaying process conditions and errors through monitor
Self diagnosis program
ACELON(Micro Processor) Machine control
    Armature dimensions
    Stack diameter 20 ~85mm     Shaft length 70 ~ 270mm 
    Stack length 20 ~85mm     Shaft diameter 5 ~ 20mm 
    Machine data
   Control system ACELON(Micro Processor)     System pressure 5 bar
    Power supply กห3,220V, 50/60Hz     Cycle time 8 sec 
    Power rating 1.5 KW     Weight(approx.) 650 kg
    Air supply 6 bar     Dimensions(approx.) 1165W x 1330L x 1750H