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      BM700 BALANCE M/C
1. A monitoring system  was made  on the basis of GUI environment  for the convenience of users by using Window 2000.  
2. Using of a high-speed of DSP Micro-processor which is able to calculate 32Bit immobility decimal-point enabled a Balance measurement controller to improve accuracy of the measurement operation on Balance.  
3. By adopting a way of data disposal, it refrained from sublating a analogue way,  it improved  the accuracy  of measurement  on  Balance  by having operated  all signal  inputs in  a digital way  after using  a high-speed A/D converter and FIFO chip in the step of signal input.  
4. By using a touch screen, users can easily operate a menu.  
5. It is possible for users to analyze data in a statistical management mode, by  storing  all  data  worked  and  measured  in  Balance in DB. Besides printed  as well  as stored by  a excel file data can be utilized in a user's computer.  
6. Users  are  able to  conveniently examine  a  setting & testing  system by being  supplied  various  functions such  as the passive operation  mode, program mode,  passive measurement cutting mode,  R&R measurement mode, RPM&Grape measurement mode BM/BC measurement mode and the like.  
7. When occurring errors, users can easily grasp and take prompt action as to the errors because the content of the error is screened by graphic, the part in trouble is indicated by a cursor as well.  
8. By  having a automatic  compensation function,  the condition of  change
on Balance  is automatically judged.  In addition, the depth, length, angle
of cutting are also automatically  corrected, it was programed a single of modification rate enables to be continuously kept.
9. It has domestic as well as overseas patents.